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Light in the eye of the beholder

31 March

In honour of the inauguration of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AvL) Professor Sylvia Pont, a symposium ‘Light in the eye of the beholder’ (in English) is organised prior to her inaugural lecture ‘Het licht zien – lighting design and perceptual intelligence’ (in Dutch). 

Light makes us see. Perception-based lighting design optimizes what we see or how light, spaces, shapes and materials appear visually. In order to design scientifically informed perceptually intelligent light we need understanding of the optics and perception of natural light and its effects, design methods for light (not lamps), skills to implement lighting plans technologically, and creativity. Light(ing) design thus needs an interdisciplinary approach, combining design, physics, psychology, engineering, computer science and art. The three internationally acknowledged speakers of this symposium are important representatives of work in this area. They will present their work on light at TU Delft, bringing together science, technology and art in the tradition of the famous Delft masters of light Johannes Vermeer and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.

  • You can find the programme here
  • Entrance is free, but registration is mandatory and can be done via this link



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