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IDE Master Classes is a series of intensive two day, state-of-the-art Master Classes for Design Professionals given by leaders in the design field: top lecturers from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. You gain insights in the latest developments and you work on methods and tools currently being taught to the new generations of designers.

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Alumnivereniging IO Alumni

IO Alumni is in 2006 heropgericht en heeft als doel het samenbrengen van alle afgestudeerden Industrieel Ontwerpers. Elk jaar worden er verschillende activiteiten zoals informele borrels georganiseerd en alle IO Alumni krijgen sinds 2011 de Turn The Page gratis thuisgestuurd.

IO Alumni TV - playlist

IO Alumni TV - The dream of making Senz

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Minor Automotive Design

Automotive is the domain of ‘self propelled, motorised vehicles’. Hence, although the car is dominant, the scope is much wider. And because Automotive Design is always considered in its mobility context, it widens even further.

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IDE wants to continue to position itself as a leading educational and design research institute. To achieve this we need to be constantly active at the forefront that leads design research in contributing to design practice and the training of future designers.

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