Education for professionals

The young field of Industrial Design Engineering is developing rapidly. This means new methods, tools, knowledge and concepts are constantly becoming available for the professional.

IDE Master Classes

In 2013, we launched the first series of IDE Master Classes. IDE Master Classes are a series of intensive two-day, state-of-the-art Master Classes developed specifically for design professionals. They are embedded within one of the world’s most forward-thinking design education programmes at TU Delft’s faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. The Master Classes are given by leaders in the design field, all of them top lecturers or alumni from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, working in a range of disciplines of the continuously developing design field.

A new series of professional ONLINE masterclasses is now available to a much wider audience. This novel Master Class series is an advanced introduction for professionals involved in design, innovation and marketing who need to know how qualitative user research can support and improve their business, product and/or service design. These online masterclasses follow on from the successful on-campus IDE Masterclass series that has been running at TU Delft for the past three years.

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