In 1969, the Delft University of Technology founded the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering to educate students to design products and services for people around the globe. In 2014, the faculty celebrated its 45th anniversary by looking forward: “Design for our Future”.

In 45 years, Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) has come a long way. IDE has 25 full professors, 120 scientific staff members and over 120 PhD candidates. The faculty has over 5,000 alumni, and 2,000 industrial design engineering students are enrolled in our Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. IDE is one of the eight faculties of the TU Delft.

Corporate brochure "Design for our Future"

The brochure “Design for our Future”, shows the IDE of its origin, its current position and its future. Our education, research and our cooperation with companies are illustrated by several showcase projects, that show the relevance of these projects for society.

The visualisation of “Design for our Future” is developed in cooperation with Taken by Storm.


Industrieel Ontwerpen

MSc Programmes

Design for Interaction
Read more about this Master, where you "design solutions for real people".

Brochure DfI

Strategic Product Design
Read more about this Master, where you "master a design's impact on business and markets".

Brochure SPD

Integrated Product Design
Read more about this Master, about the "total approach to product design".

Brochure IPD

Specialisation Medisign
Read more about this Master specialisation, which focuses on the "healthcare sector".

Brochure Medisign

From HBO to Industrial Design Engineering

Finished HBO and want to study at Industrial Design Engineering?


The minor brochures can be found on the Student Portal.

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