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Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering
Landbergstraat 15
2628 CE  Delft
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 15 - 2789807

Contact - Dutch applicants
ir. J.C. Thieme
ir. C. Veldhuizen
ir. W.M. Biemond
015 - 27 82941 / 87081

Contact - international applicants
International office
015 - 27 81077

Master studies

The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering offers three Master programmes. More information on the programmes, you can find below.

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MSc Programmes

Design for Interaction
Read more about this Master, where you "design solutions for real people".

Brochure DfI

Strategic Product Design
Read more about this Master, where you "master a design's impact on business and markets".

Brochure SPD

Integrated Product Design
Read more about this Master, about the "total approach to product design".

Brochure IPD

Specialisation Medisign
Read more about this Master specialisation, which focuses on the "healthcare sector".

Brochure Medisign

From HBO to Industrial Design Engineering

Finished HBO and want to study at Industrial Design Engineering?

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