Vici grant for research into positive design for Professor Pieter Desmet

20 February 2017

Why do some products have a positive and others a negative influence on our mood? How can products and spaces be designed to actively contribute to a positive mood? NWO has awarded a Vici grant worth one and a half million euros to TU Delft professor Pieter Desmet to investigate these questions. The Vici is one of the largest personal scientific grants in the Netherlands. Recipients can spend the...Continue


Hyperloop Pod Competition winners launch HARDT: Europe’s first hyperloop company

19 February 2017

Two weeks ago, dozens of student teams from all over the world travelled to California to participate in the Hyperloop Pod Competition, an event organised by SpaceX with the aim of developing an ultra-fast transport concept. The team from TU Delft was victorious. Today, their pod was returned to the Netherlands and Henk Kamp, Minister of Economic Affairs, welcomed the team and their winning...Continue


Symposium ‘Light in the eye of the beholder’ in honour of Sylvia Pont

16 February 2017

In honour of the inauguration of Sylvia Pont on 31 March, the mini-symposium ‘Light in the eye of the beholder’ is organised. After the symposium Sylvia will give her inaugural lecture ‘Seeing the light - lighting design and perceptual intelligence’. Entrance for this symposium and inaugural lecture is free, but registration is mandatory.Continue


TU Delft at Innovation for Health 2017

15 February 2017

This year, the faculty of IDE of TU Delft is well represented at the new edition of Innovation for Health on 16 February at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam. Several research and graduation projects of the faculty will be presented. Together these projects will show the contribution of the faculty at ‘Shaping the future of healthcare’.Continue


6000th IDE alumnus

15 February 2017

On 9 February Gideon Hoogerwerf graduated as the 6000th alumnus of the faculty of IDE at TU Delft. Gideon received, in addition to his master's degree certificate, a gift voucher, a set of books and a bunch of flowers. He was briefly addressed by education director of IDE, Jan Schoormans.Continue


‘Airplane seat must move’ – Peter Vink in ‘De Telegraaf’

09 February 2017

"Built-in motion sensors should make tight airplane seats more comfortable for passengers." According to Prof. Peter Vink of the faculty of IDE (TU Delft) during the event ‘Designing for our future travel experiences’ on Wednesday 1 February. In the Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ an interview.Continue


'TU Delft offers free introduction to the circular economy' – Circulate News

09 February 2017

“This edition of the MOOC is self-paced, which means all the course materials are available 24/7 and you can take the course on your own schedule. No deadlines, no stress. Great content.” This tells course instructor Conny Bakker of the faculty of IDE in an article on Circulate News.Continue


Graduation project ‘Improve multidisciplinary team meetings by design’ at VUmc gets extension

09 February 2017

Assistant Professor Marijke Melles of the faculty of IDE received € 63,000 grant from the Innovation budget of VU medical centre in Amsterdam to extend the graduation project of Jesse Beem with another year for research and implementation. The title of the project is: ‘Improve multidisciplinary team meetings by design’.Continue


Inaugural lecture of Charlie Wang: from personalised products to new challenges in 3D/4D printing

09 February 2017

On Friday, 24 February, Prof. Charlie Wang of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering will hold his inaugural lecture in the Aula of the TU Delft. The title of this lecture is ‘Computational Design and Fabrication - Turbine to Advance Production’.Continue


All about the ‘patient journey’ in new TU Delft online course

07 February 2017

Better insight into the experience of the patient increases the patient's well-being and can contribute to more efficient and safer healthcare. The detailed analysis of the experience of patients is therefore the central subject of a new TU Delft online course. The ‘Design in healthcare: using patient journey mapping’ MOOC will start on Wednesday 8 February. Continue


‘How can you perfectly copy a Rembrandt?’ – Willemijn van Elkhuizen at the Universiteit van Nederland

02 February 2017

From 3 February you can see PhD candidate Willemijn Elkhuizen of the faculty of IDE at the Universiteit van Nederland (University of the Netherlands). During an online lecture Willemijn tells how to make a perfect copy of for example a Rembrandt, with modern techniques.Continue


IDE students present to renowned companies

02 February 2017

Thursday 26 January IDE students of the ‘Design Strategy Project’, an SPD master course, took over the headquarter of three companies: Adidas in Herzogenaurach and Ford in Cologne (both Germany) and KLM (Amstelveen). All student teams gave their final presentations.Continue


‘Real estate has to offer the world a lot of health' - magazine E&I

02 February 2017

Almost every engineer experiences it: ‘vague’ complaints about the indoor environment. The measurements are good, but the users are dissatisfied. Paul Roelofsen researched this and promoted in December on this issue with Prof. Peter Vink (faculty IDE, TU Delft). You can read an interview with Paul in the magazine E&I.Continue


A cross-country research group on materials experience

02 February 2017

“Material is a Medium. It communicates ideas, beliefs, approaches; compels us to think, feel and act in certain ways; enables and enhances functionality and utility. Materials Experience emphasises this role of materials as being simultaneously technical and experiential.”Continue


Cooperation agreement between IDE and Vanderlande signed

02 February 2017

On Wednesday 1 February the IDE mini-conference 'Designing for our future travel experiences' took place. At the beginning of the event, Katinka Bergema on behalf of the faculty of IDE and Esther Kersten on behalf of the company Vanderlande signed a cooperation agreement.Continue


TU Delft students win Hyperloop Pod Competition

30 January 2017

The excitement was tangible at the Award Ceremony for SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competition. Amid great interest, the TU Delft students won the competition in Los Angeles. A year ago, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, challenged the 27 teams from all over the world to construct pods for the Hyperloop – a futuristic transport concept that could propel people and goods through tubes at extremely high speeds....Continue


Peter Vink publishes new book on office interiors

26 January 2017

Did you know that a round table is more suitable for meetings and that an office for just two people is not at all good for productivity? This, and more is published in the new book ‘Het nieuwe kantoorinrichten’ by prof. Peter Vink. You can find a viewing copy at the DE department.Continue


‘(Fake) view in narrow ship passage gives secure feeling’ – De Volkskrant

26 January 2017

The interior of a ship can contribute to the sense of security, says associate professor Ruth Mugge of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in the Dutch newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’. "People have an evolutionary preference for round, natural forms. There is an aversion to anything that is sharp and angular." Continue


Outside Insights: Shy power outlets and moving walls

26 January 2017

On Monday, 30 January the exhibition Outside Insights will open at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. Students from five interdisciplinary minors demonstrate the innovative and sustainable solutions they have come up with for various clients. The exhibition lasts until 2 February.Continue


Toilet expert Johan Molenbroek about Japanese toilets on the radio news show of NPO

26 January 2017

"Japanese toilets have so many buttons that people do not know how they just need to flush." The makers of these toilets have developed pictures that should give clarity. Dr Johan Molenbroek (faculty of IDE), who knows a lot about toilets, tells about this on the radio news show of the NPO.Continue

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