'Histories and Futures of Research through Design' - Elisa Giaccardi's opening keynote at RTD 2017

23 March 2017
location: Edinburgh
by Communication

On 23 March Prof. Elisa Giaccardi of the faculty of IDE will open the third Resourch through Design (RTD) conference with a keynote adress. The theme of the conference in Edinburgh is New Disciplines of Making – Shared Knowledge in Doing.

The keynote of Elisa is about on how data technologies are transforming the role that prototypes can play in research through design, the process that such prototypes may facilitate, and the way in which knowledge is produced, shared and fed back into the design process.

Elisa will discuss how data-intensive prototyping turns research artifacts into co-researchers and co-designers, how designing with data de-emphasizes iteration in favour of sustained co-creation, and how it re-emphasizes the flow between people, machines, and things against what we formerly knew as products and services. The keynote will bring and use examples from the STW-RTD project Resourceful Ageing and other IDE projects in this space to make these changes tangible.

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The international conference series called RTD aims to foster and support the burgeoning ‘research through design’ academic community and to provide a fitting dissemination platform for this community. Through a novel and experimental conference format, RTD encourages academic communities to give proper consideration to the concept of design as a knowledge-generating activity. 

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