Dr Sylvia Pont appointed Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AvL) Professor

31 March 2016 by Communication

Dr Sylvia Pont is a scientist in the field of perceptual intelligence in natural environments. Her specialisation is understanding, documenting and designing interactions between light, lighting, object properties, materials and the perception of space. She has been Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft since 2008.

Integrating areas of knowledge
Sylvia Pont has managed to integrate research in the areas of experimental physics, mathematics, computer graphics, human perceptions, psychology and design to form a whole new area of knowledge. Her approach embodies the faculty's vision, in which the combining power of design generates new knowledge that enables the university to make a real impact on society, both with our own research and in the way we train designers.
Exceptional and world leading
Sylvia is a popular speaker and reviewer with an excellent national and international reputation as an expert in the field of light and perception. It is partly thanks to her work in the Perceptual & Intelligence Lab that our facilities were assessed as “exceptional and world leading” by a research visitation committee at the end of 2014. Her appointment as AvL Professor is another jewel in the crown of her career and will give an enormous boost to further research in this field. 

AvL chairs
AvL appointments at TU Delft are reserved for the university's very best young scientists. The AvL chairs at TU Delft are intended to promote excellent young scientists to full professor at an early age to help them develop their scientific careers to the fullest possible extent.  

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