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'TU Delft offers free introduction to the circular economy' – Circulate News

09 February 2017

“This edition of the MOOC is self-paced, which means all the course materials are available 24/7 and you can take the course on your own schedule. No deadlines, no stress. Great content.” This tells course instructor Conny Bakker of the faculty of IDE in an article on Circulate News.Continue


‘Real estate has to offer the world a lot of health' - magazine E&I

02 February 2017

Almost every engineer experiences it: ‘vague’ complaints about the indoor environment. The measurements are good, but the users are dissatisfied. Paul Roelofsen researched this and promoted in December on this issue with Prof. Peter Vink (faculty IDE, TU Delft). You can read an interview with Paul in the magazine E&I.Continue


‘(Fake) view in narrow ship passage gives secure feeling’ – De Volkskrant

26 January 2017

The interior of a ship can contribute to the sense of security, says associate professor Ruth Mugge of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in the Dutch newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’. "People have an evolutionary preference for round, natural forms. There is an aversion to anything that is sharp and angular." Continue


Toilet expert Johan Molenbroek about Japanese toilets on the radio news show of NPO

26 January 2017

"Japanese toilets have so many buttons that people do not know how they just need to flush." The makers of these toilets have developed pictures that should give clarity. Dr Johan Molenbroek (faculty of IDE), who knows a lot about toilets, tells about this on the radio news show of the NPO.Continue


Earlier articles

TU Delft Portraits of Science with Sylvia Pont

19 January 2017

A new series of interviews with high-profile students, scientists, including Prof. Sylvia Pont of the faculty of IDE, support staff and one entrepreneur, was recently published in print and online. The name is new too: what used to be called ‘TU Delft Highlights’ is now ‘Portraits of Science.’Continue


Deborah Nas at BNR Eyeopeners about innovations

19 January 2017

What were the innovations in 2016 and how innovative will 2017 be? In two episodes of the radio programme BNR Eyeopeners, Prof. Deborah Nas of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) answers these questions.Continue


'Soon waiting an hour less for flight’ - De Telegraaf

12 January 2017

TU Delft tackles the rising frustrations of air passengers. “We want those irritating delays in Europe to reduce with an hour per flight.” That said Prof. Peter Vink of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) in an interview with the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.Continue


‘That an adolescent withdraws is okay, but why spend hours on the toilet?’ – newspaper Trouw

12 January 2017

The parenting question: What to do with a pubescent niece that has the toilet occupied for hours? "I think it is correct that this girl feels there at ease”, says PhD candidate Marian Loth of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) in Trouw. Marian does research in train toilets. Read the articleContinue


‘Durable: the dominant trend in Dutch Design’ - De Volkskrant

12 January 2017

"Designers become imbued with the realisation that many raw materials are harmful, are depleted or no longer available for geopolitical reasons." According to Prof. Ruud Balkenende of the faculty of IDE (TU Delft) in an interview with the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant about material innovations and durability.Continue


Sylvia Pont at Dutch TV programme BNN Proefkonijnen

12 January 2017

Recently, Prof. Sylvia Pont of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) had a visit from the TV programme ‘BNN Proefkonijnen’ for an episode of ‘invisibility’. The broadcast of this episode took place on Monday 16 January at 20:30 on NPO3.Continue


IDE Professor Roland van der Vorst has risen in ‘Volkskrant Top 200’

22 December 2016

The power and influence is again remapped this year by the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. Prof. Roland van der Vorst of the faculty of IDE (TU Delft) is in the list of most influential Dutchman and even increased from 167 to 143.Continue


‘More than 200 visitors during Constructeursdag 2016 (photo report)’ – magazine Aandrijven en Besturen

08 December 2016

On Tuesday 29 November, the fifth edition of the ‘Constructeursdag’ took place. Dr. Erik Tempelman of the faculty of IDE (TU Delft) was chairman this day. IDE alumnus Maarten Kamphuis was one of the speakers. The Dutch magazine Aandrijven en Besturen paid attention to this day.Continue


Making reproductions and what are the consequences? - EenVandaag

24 November 2016

PhD candidate Willemijn Elkhuizen of IDE (TU Delft) talks about this at the Dutch television programme EenVandaag. The broadcast took place on Wednesday 23 November. Watch the broadcast back.Continue


Boeing 737-500 on TU Delft campus for research on boarding

10 November 2016

An aircraft fuselage containing 122 passenger seats but no tail, cockpit or wings was delivered to the TU Delft campus on Friday, 4 November, and placed behind the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. The Boeing 737-500 will be used for research and teaching purposes. Continue


Quality black-and-white prints without ink: TU Delft spin-off Inkless ready for the next step forward

03 November 2016

Printing without the need for ink? Inkless has the technology to do this without sacrificing print quality. Inkless is the result of a graduation project by Venkatesh Chandrasekar at TU Delft. The company is part of the Yes!Delft business incubator.Continue


Streetphilosophy – ARTE creative series with Anna Pohlmeyer on hedonism

03 November 2016

In an episode on hedonism, of the German television series Streetphilosophy, assistant professor Anna Pohlmeyer of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) reflects on the importance of material possessions on people’s happiness.Continue


How sustainable behaviour is getting easier – Triodos Bank magazine

22 September 2016

‘The way in which we are trying to improve the sustainability of the economy is naive. It assumes too much trust in human willpower. But willpower is finite.’ In Triodos Bank magazine, social design researcher Nynke Tromp explains us we need to make sustainable behaviour more natural.Continue


Variation as a magic word - Magazine Arbo

22 September 2016

'Have fun, variety and movement in your work', thus Prof. Peter Vink in an interview with the magazine Arbo. Peter Vink is Professor of the department Environmental Ergonomics at the faculty of IDE (TU Delft).Continue


Peter Vink and Conne Bazley guest editor Work on environmental design

14 September 2016

In a guest edited issue of the journal Work, 20 case studies on the effect of environments on human behaviour, health, productivity and comfort are published. Half the papers are (co-)authored by master students, PhD students and staff of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft.Continue


Harvard, Yale ánd TU Delft use 3D printers from Geldermalsen – Het Financieele Dagblad

14 September 2016

"3D files are well divisible and reproducible. The developments are moving fast”, says Dr Jouke Verlinden, researcher of the faculty of IDE (TU Delft) in an article in ‘het Financieele Dagblad’ about the 3D printers from the company Ultimaker. He praises the digitisation of production.Continue


Paper IDE researchers in high impact journal ‘PLOS ONE’

08 September 2016

When people are instructed to pay attention to a certain task while performing two tasks, such as driving a car and listening, do their innate preferences overrule these instructions? Open access journal ‘PLOS ONE’ published the findings.Continue


The pissoir train is coming - TU Delta

08 September 2016

"Toilets in the train are often very nasty. It doesn’t have to be that way”, says PhD student Marian Loth of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) in an interview with the TU Delta. For the Dutch National Railway (NS) Marian designed a train toilet with urinal.Continue


Your suitcase travels on its own - TU Delta interviews Amandine Marié

08 September 2016

Is it possible to let suitcases travel independently, to make travels by plane more efficient? Perhaps in the future, states IDE alumna Amandine Marié in TU Delta. She researched the possibilities of self-traveling bags, so people can spend less time traveling by plane.Continue


Presentation new train with new train toilet designed by TU Delft

01 September 2016

On Tuesday 30 August 2016, the Dutch Railways (NS) presented a new train containing a new toilet, designed by PhD candidate Marian Loth, in cooperation with Daan van Eijk and Johan Molenbroek, all from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft.Continue

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