Prize winners

IDE PhD candidate wins a Schmidt MacArthur Fellowship 2017

08 March 2017

PhD candidate Deborah Sumter and her mentor Prof. Ruud Balkenende of the faculty of IDE have been awarded a place on the Schmidt MacArthur Fellowship. This is a yearlong international programme on circular economy for postgraduates studying design, engineering and business.Continue


Earlier prize winners

IDE students present to renowned companies

02 February 2017

Thursday 26 January IDE students of the ‘Design Strategy Project’, an SPD master course, took over the headquarter of three companies: Adidas in Herzogenaurach and Ford in Cologne (both Germany) and KLM (Amstelveen). All student teams gave their final presentations.Continue


TU Delft alumni win ISEA student project competition 2016

22 December 2016

On Friday 16 December the award ceremony of the ISEA student project competition 2016 took place. Marco Reijne and Biem Wibbens, alumni of the TU Delft, are the first and second price winners of this competition. This competition was for students who have undertaken an individual project on a sports engineering topic.Continue


3D printed bike awarded during Purmundus Challenge

24 November 2016

During the congress Formnext in Frankfurt on 17 November, prices were awarded for the Purmundus Challenge (international design competition for 3D Printing). Anne Bekker of the faculty of IDE received the third price with the 3D printed bike.Continue


Alumna Eleonora Caprari in finals Zimmer Biomet Connected Health Innovation Award

17 November 2016

With her graduation projects of last summer, a study for improving team work on the orthopaedic department of a hospital, Eleonora Caprari has reached the finals of the international competition Zimmer Biomet Connected Health Innovation Award.Continue


Former SPD graduate nominated for VEDIS Retail award 2016

27 October 2016

Imke van der Linden’s SPD graduation project ‘The introduction of a female fashion line: A strategic approach’ has been short-listed for VEDIS Retail award. The price will be awarded on 3 November during the congress Retailpoort of Detailhandel NederlandContinue


Startup Nowi wins University Startup World Cup (USWC)

19 October 2016

A sensor for smart batteries that lasts much longer than all its competitor products because it uses energy harvesting from Wi-Fi signals. With their prototype of this sensor, startup Nowi came first in the Internet of Things & Sharing Economy category at the USWC in Copenhagen on 7 October.Continue


Huggable robot TU Delft students wins James Dyson Award

14 September 2016

A breathing soft robot that helps falling asleep. With this invention, four TU Delft students won the national James Dyson Award 2016. Julian Jagtenberg, one of the four students, studies Industrial Design Engineering.Continue


Top 10 hacks by IDE students on medical hackathon Uganda

14 September 2016

How to make health clinics more accessible in East African rural areas and improve the connection between patients and healthcare staff? Two TU Delft student ‘hacks’ provide a solution for low-resource healthcare settings, and were awarded with a top 10 location.Continue


Charlie Wang wins ASME Excellence in Research Award

30 August 2016

During the annual ASME IDETC/CIE Conference (21-24 August 2016), professor Charlie Wang is awarded the 2016 Excellence in Research Award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). This award reflects the highest honour bestowed to an active researcher by ASME's CIE division.Continue


Best Pictorial Award for Elvin Karana and Elisa Giaccardi

15 June 2016

Dr. Elvin Karana and Prof. Elisa Giaccardi of the faculty of IDE recently have received the Best Pictorial Award at the ‘ACM SIGCHI Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS)’. They received the award for their paper ‘The Tuning of Materials: A Designer’s Journey’.Continue


Marina van Damme grant for Lidewij van Twillert with 3D printed bra

08 June 2016

Industrial Design Engineering alumna Lidewij van Twillert, known for her graduation project of the 3D printed bra, did win the Marina van Damme grant. By winning, Lidewij receives a grant of € 9,000 which she plans on using to acquire further knowledge and skills in fashion.Continue


Science Award for research into nocebo responses to high-voltage power lines

01 June 2016

Can high-voltage power lines close by make you ill? The article of post-doctoral researcher Jarry Porsius into nocebo responses to the situation recently won the EMGO+ Science Award. Health problems can worsen because the patient is convinced that something can make him ill, even though there is no evidence to support his belief.Continue


Vidi for paintings under magnifying glass

18 May 2016

Last week Dr Maarten Wijntjes was awarded a Vidi scolarship by NWO for his research project about how we can apply the visual art of painters to other areas, such as online shopping.Continue


Broodbroeder wins Awesome Foundation Rotterdam’s Pitch Night

13 April 2016

Doing something about discarded bread in public spaces and making Rotterdam more beautiful by promoting understanding between different cultural groups in the neighbourhood. With this idea, IDE master’s student Titus Wybenga won € 1,000 to turn his graduation design into reality.Continue


Team IDE students wins Climate Hackathon 2016

13 April 2016

With the winning idea ‘Bezorgeloos’ the team focused on another distribution of delivering packages by trucks within the cities to reduce the CO2 emissions. With a local depot and a notification on an app, citizens can pick up their package.Continue


Student project HeadRest wins aircraft interior prize Crystal Cabin Award 2016

07 April 2016

Unfolding the side wings of the HeadRest reveals a hammock construction which cradles your head as you lean side wards, preventing sliding and nodding. This project won the Crystal Cabin Award in the category University. All three nominated projects were from Delft.Continue


Prince Friso Engineers public award for IDE alumna

23 March 2016

On 16 March IDE alumna Laura Klauss received the Prince Friso Engineers public award. She is co-founder of the Better Future Factory, a company that invents solutions for a sustainable future. Laura is responsible for the technical side of product development.Continue


IDE student wins Schmidt MacArthur Fellowship 2016

23 March 2016

Master SPD student Grace Kane (Industrial Design Engineering) and her mentor Bob Geldermans (Architecture) of the TU Delft will take part in the Schmidt MacArthur Fellowship 2016. This is a yearlong international programme on circular economy for postgraduates studying design, engineering and business.Continue


Nominations for student projects Crystal Cabin Award 2016

03 March 2016

As many as three high-profile designs for airplane interiors of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of TU Delft have been nominated for the Crystal Cabin Award in the category ‘University’. The Crystal Cabin Award is the only international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation.Continue


IDE students selected for Rotman Design Challenge (Canada)

02 March 2016

In the weekend of 5 and 6 March, a team of five SPD-master students of the faculty of IDE presents their ideas on the future of finance for Fidelity Investments and the Rotman School of Management of Toronto, Canada. The Dutch team is the only team from Europe.Continue

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