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Department of Industrial Design
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Industrial Design

The department of Industrial Design houses the disciplines of ergonomics (human factors) and design ('formgiving'). The emphasis of both these disciplines is on the interaction between user and product. Key aspects are the expressiveness of products, usability and aesthetics,  the meanings that product forms have for their users, and the place of design and designing in a socio-cultural context. The department incorporates the above elements into both research and education.

Several research groups from the Industrial Design Department joined to start ID-StudioLab, which is above all an informal forum in which staff, students, and friends share insights, skills, knowledge, and less goal-directed activities.

Research at ID-StudioLab encompasses topics of experience-centred design such as the senses, emotions, intelligence, and inspiration. More precisely, projects in the lab address the product user's senses, emotions, the product's possible intelligence, and the designer's inspiration. 

Employees secretarial department

  • Ir. Joost Niermeijer (Deputy Head of Department)
  • Daphne van der Does (personal and financial affairs)
  • Denise Keislair (student and general affairs)
  • Amanda Klumpers-Nieuwpoort (personal, housing affairs)
  • Charleyne van Zijl (student secretary)

From left to right: Daphne, Amanda, Charleyne, Joost, Denise. (Photo: 2015)

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