Panta Rhei!

Design leadership in ever-present change / five perspectives

11 November 2016

If Heraclitus of Ephesus were to time-travel to our era, it’s likely he’d be astonished – and filled with awe and pride. The Greek philosopher is famous for his concept of ever-present change: ‘panta rhei’, which literally means ‘everything flows’. He strongly believed that this was the fundamental essence of the universe. But not even a wise man like Heraclitus could’ve predicted how true this would be, 25 centuries after his death in 475 BC.

Panta Rhei!
In the modern world, everything flows. The only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain. This is the highly dynamic – but also unruly – context in which designers work. They must tap into this flow to create designs that have a real impact. In fact, a world in motion demands a different kind of designer with a different attitude, a designer who can bridge the gap between designing meaningful interactions and scalable consequences.

To shed light on the role of the designer in a constantly changing world, the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of Delft University of Technology will hold a forum on Friday 11 November – Panta Rhei! Join us for inspiration, reflection, confrontation and enchantment.

The event is curated by five new professors of Industrial Design Engineering: Catelijne van Middelkoop, Deborah Nas, Jeroen van Erp, Jos Oberdorf and Roland van der Vorst. These designer-professors will provide five perspectives on design and design leadership.

Panta Rhei! is an exhibition, a get-together, five inaugural lectures and a small party. Or at least that’s the current plan. It’s likely that things will turn out differently –because everything flows …

The curators

From left to right: Catelijne van Middelkoop, Roland van der Vorst, Deborah Nas, Jeroen van Erp, Jos Oberdorf

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