Faculty Industrial Design Engineering

Future Materials - 17 June

View the final results of Light.Touch.Matters and visit the inaugural lecture of Kaspar Jansen, professor of Emerging...

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Adjusted opening hours

Due to holidays, the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering has adjusted opening hours during the next months...

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Customer Experience Innovation (fully booked)

Know how to create compelling customer experiences by combining deep customer insights with strong brands.

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Read about design and the workfield of alumni

Want to stay in touch with our faculty, its students and the work field of our alumni? Read Turn The Page!

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Magazine for international students

IDE Compass is made by current international students, for (new) international students of our faculty.

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This holistic approach to product and service inno...Continue


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Material Driven Design (MDD) supports the design o...Continue


This 10th conference, with the theme Celebration &...Continue


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